Class and Sass 💋

Hey friends! Toolkit here. Punk has been offering me her face to practice my makeup, photography, and editing skills on.  I’ve been doing simple everyday looks right now but I would love to work my way up to more complex not-so-everyday looks as well; you know, movie characters and stuff.  Maybe teach myself some FX shit too!

Classic wing and red lip.

Image 3-8-18 at 10.15 PM

Let’s talk about those super sculpted bold brows.  I used the Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade in Dark Brown for her brows.  I love the pomade because you can make a very sharp defined brow or a messy brow.  I found that it was very difficult to use at first but once you know how to properly use the product, it’s actually very simple.  The cover of the container is meant to be used as a palette to wipe any excess product off your brush. This enables you to work your way up to the darker color instead of going full force into the brow, helping you define the brow how you want with ease and customizing just how you want those face caterpillars to look.  After you dip your brush into the product, draw a line on your hand; you see how thick and dark the color is? Now wipe both sides of the brush on the inside cover of the container, leaving just a little bit of product on the brush. Draw a line on your hand again. Now it’s a completely different color and not so overpowering.  Using the cover of the container as a palette and wiping the brush off allows you to more easily use the product. Now you can easily sketch out your brow and work your way up to the deepness of the color that you want instead of having to worry about carving out your brow and making it nice and clean after having a glob of color on your face.


Image 3-8-18 at 10.50 PM.jpgNext I used the Tarte Cosmetics Clay Pot Waterproof Shadow Liner to line her lids.  The reason I like this type of liner because I feel like I have the most control when working on other peoples lids.  It’s easy to map out the liner and connect the dots to create the perfect wing. Winged liner can be INTIMIDATING, and then getting your right wing to match your left wing?  HA. Forget about it. But don’t worry, even the most experienced makeup artists mess up their wings every now and then. This liner is nice because you can use a brush that you’re comfortable with; whether it be a pointed brush, a tapered brush, or an angled brush.  Start by creating the bottom part of the wing by keeping your eye, or having your client keep their eye, open. This will help you draw the wing in a way that will best suite the eye shape. Draw your line so that the is angled toward the tail of the brow. Next, make a triangle by dragging the liner from the end of the line you just created to the lash-line and filling it in.  Finally, line the top of the lid; I like to line close to my lashes before connecting my wing. This allows me to work my way to a smooth transition from the lid to the wing. The amazing thing about Tarte is that all of their products are cruelty free, vegan friendly, dermatologist tested, and formulated without any crazy ingredients like parabens, phthalates, and gluten (see the bottom of their site for a full list).


Finally, I used Ofra Cosmetics Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in ‘Atlantic City’.  You can’t do fullsizeoutput_143.jpeg classic without a true red lip and this really is the perfect red for that.  I like Ofra’s liquidlipsticks because even though they’re not completely transfer proof (the color will show up on your coffee lid, or someone’s cheek if you kiss them in a drive by love attack), they’re long lasting and non-drying unlike a lot of liquid lipsticks, giving you perfect, kissable lips – every time.


With Love,


    P & T


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