Masking the Stress of Life

First of all, please excuse my ‘duck face’. I was honestly probably caught in the middle of saying something obscene.

Second of all. YOU NEED TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR SKIN. Toolkit can not stress this to me enough. She even introduced me to my first face mask! (Not the kind robbers wear, the kind to make your skin like a baby’s butt).

But seriously, everyone wants not just healthier ‘looking’ skin, but actually healthier skin. Healthy skin is what happens when you actually take care of it. And part of taking care of your skin is doing a face mask treatment. This doesn’t need to be done daily – some expert info given to me by Toolkit when I got so excited about my first face mask that I did more harm than good by over using it.

She’s pretty good at skin, and face stuff, so I’ll let her take over from here (and I will appear for comic relief periodically).
IMG_5090Hello friends, Toolkit here.  The mask Punk and I have on in this beautiful picture of us (let’s face it- that is a pun btw – it could be a rap album cover) is the Glitter Mask by GlamGlow.  Basically, this mask is a super fun, glittery version of their Gravitymud Firming Treatment Mask (which makes you look like the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz and I love it.  [Fun fact, it also comes in a *limited-edition* Sonic the Hedgehog blue too!]). This mask is a peel-off mask that helps to firm, lift, tighten, and tone your face; cheekbones, baby.

One of my absolute favorite cleansing masks is actually by GlamGlow.  Their Supermud Clearing Treatment helps diminish blemishes (you know, those things that pop-up on your face when you’re stressed, or just because life), redness, and scars (along with a bunch of other skin benefits as well).  The awesome thing about this mask is that you can actually SEE IT WORKING.  That’s right, you can see it clearing your face of all the gross congestions in and on your skin.  The mask goes on a dark gray and dries to a light gray, leaving behind dots of “vacuum extractions”.


The one downfall about the GlamGlow masks is the price. For 1.7 oz you pay $59.   If you’re like me and you’re trying to ball on a budget, I have the dupe for you.  Sephora Collection Mud Mask Purifying & Mattifying.  


It dries on your face just as the GlamGlow mask does   (This is also the one that poppedIMG_4220 Punky’s mask cherry!)  She instantly fell in love with how her face felt after she washed the mask off and how clear her skin looked.  Luckily, this mask is only $20!  You can also use this as a spot treatment if you need a little extra love on your chin, forehead, nose, wherever.

Hi guys I’m back.  I missed you too.  I seriously invite you to try these masks, especially my favorite one – the Sephora Collection Mud Mask Purifying and Mattifying.  Lucky for you, we’ve included photos and videos of us using the above mentioned masks (and you’ll get to see what a lovable psycho I really am).   I really have nothing else to say so I’m gonna wrap it up by just telling you all AGAIN to please take care of your face, and look like an alien when you do it because that’s part of what makes masks so fun. ALSO – PSA- take a snapchat video of yourself in a mask with a fun filter.   You won’t regret it.  And if you don’t believe me, see the videos we post of ours, I guarantee you, we’ve watched them dozens of times because we’re just that funny.


With love,

P & T


IMG_5079 IMG_5092 IMG_5094



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