Pterodactyl Sounds (AKA First Post)

Many of you may be thinking (or like the one of you that might actually be reading this) that we’re trying to be super proper about our first post.  To set the tone.  To give an amazing first impression. To captivate our audience to make you salivate for more content.  Here’s our inspiring story of how it all went down.

Toolkit: We have to make a first post. What do we even write about to make the perfect first post?!

Punky: I mean you could post a video of me shrieking and running down the hallway. Title it *Pterodactyl Sounds*.   I like it.  Let’s go

Ladies and gentlemen. This is us.  We are Punky, and Toolkit

With Love, our first successful post. Nothing to stress about. Just pure unfiltered adults acting like children.


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